Safety Rules and Regulations

1. It is the responsibility of all members to insure that all Safety Rules and Regulations are strictly followed at all times.
2. Verbal or physical abuse of any employee or member will not be tolerated.
3. Upon your arrival as you retrieve your gun from your vehicle, please make sure it is visible to others and that the gun is open and unloaded as you approach the field.
4. Shooting glasses and ear protection are required on all fields.
5. Only Shooters and Employees will be allowed on Skeet/Trap fields during firing.
6. All guns will be kept open and unloaded until the Shooter is on the shooting station. Never load your gun between stations.
7. Guns must be pointed down range at all times when loaded
8. No alcoholic beverages or anyone under the influence of intoxicants will be allowed on any field. The same applies to anyone under the influence of any medication or drug that could impair their judgment.
9. Members are responsible for their Guests’ compliance with the Safety Rules and Regulations.
10. Shooters will not be permitted to use shotshells exceeding 3 1/4  dram equivalent (1300 FPS) or containing shot larger than 7 ½.
11. When shooting Trap, point your gun at the mid-field marker and not at the Trap Houses. Load one shell at a time unless shooting doubles. While proceeding to the next station, make sure your shotgun is unloaded.
12. When shooting Skeet, never load more than two shotshells at a time. On Station 8 High House, without exception, only load one shell.
13. Safety is a must and violators are subject to loss of their shooting privileges at Fort Worth Trap and Skeet Club.

Your cooperation with these Rules and Regulations is greatly appreciated by the club and your fellow shooters. Thank you.