Gate Questions Answered

With the gate operational, ERAD owning members have been signing up and getting their code.

The gate and club house do not respond “instantly” it takes 3 – 5 seconds for the “handshake” to be comleted with the server before the open command is sent back to the device. Codes are not stored in the box at the gate or at the clubhouse. They are on a server that is accessed through the cellular network. As the code is used more frequently, the software has the ability to store the code locally to speed up access.

At the bottom of page 2 of the rules and regulations:

“Gate and Club House Access

1. Pull up to the key pad at the gate entrance. Enter your 5 digit code. Wait 3 – 5 seconds for the gate to open, pull through the gate. Gate will close automatically behind you after 20 seconds.
2. At the club house enter your 5 digit code. Wait 3 – 5 seconds for the click. Push the door open. When leaving pull the door shut. ”

Patience is the key! We know it seems like an eternity when you are ready to shoot but it will open :-) Promise!

Remember, if you have a ERAD and want to shoot during unattended hours stop by the club house. There is a liability statement and a copy of the rules and regulations for unattended shooting that must be signed before you can get your gate / clubhouse code.

Break them all!